The Gift Of Death by Karla Forbes

The Gift Of Death by Karla Forbes
£9.99 paperback £1.99 kindle
Length: 474 pages
Publisher: Williams & Whiting
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781911266846
When Nick Sullivan is sent to Uganda for a routine assignment, he doesn’t expect trouble but news of his arrival has preceded him and someone wants him dead. His enemies are powerful people and in a country where life is cheap, he is soon fighting to survive. He doggedly battles on, refusing to acknowledge the danger but when his stubbornness causes the death of an innocent woman he has no choice but to concede defeat and return to Britain. Eaten up with guilt, he sets himself the task of finding out who betrayed him and bringing them to justice. When he finds himself thwarted by a government cover up, his thirst for revenge becomes an all-consuming obsession that endangers everyone around him.
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