Glen Ebisch

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Glen Ebisch taught philosophy at the university level for over thirty years, and for the same period of time has been writing mysteries, first for young people, then for adults.  He has been fortunate enough to have over twenty published.  He lives with his wife in western Massachusetts, frequently going on holiday to the coast of Maine and to Cape May, New Jersey.

Glen was born in Passaic, New Jersey and grew up in nearby Clifton, New Jersey.  He received his B.A. in political science from Rutgers University, an M.A. in government from Cornell University; and, after a tour of duty with the United States Army in Vietnam, he attended Columbia University where he earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy.  A few years later, he started on a career in teaching and scholarship.

Since his mid-thirties, Glen has been writing mystery novels.  The first five he had published were for young adults.  The over fifteen since then have been for adults, and have encompassed a couple of different series.  His novels frequently have younger women as the protagonists, and along with a crime there are also relationship issues involved.  Hopefully they combine some humor along with philosophical musings, while maintaining a spare, fast-paced plot.

Glen is a long-time member of the Mystery Writers of America, the Romance Writers of America, and an associate member of Sisters in Crime.  He occasionally speaks at gatherings of writers’ organizations and in bookstores on writing crime fiction, combining mystery with romance, and on the history of the crime novel.  Now that Glen is largely retired from teaching, he devotes much of his time to writing, reading, exercise, and travel.

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